Andre is an energetic speaker with a conversational style who blends comedy with a disarming vulnerability and realness that causes you to open up and allow Jesus to do a deep, transforming work. The result is you and your people go deeper, allowing the Lord to upgrade your situations, life and family.


Andre grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The son of a 14 year old mother. The unexpected child that God had a divine plan for. 


Andre grew up in The Salvation Army Church in Homewood where his family was heavily involved. As soon as he was able to talk, people began to realize the call God had placed on Andre's life. 


There were lots of high and low points in Andre's journey and they were all a part of the amazing process that God brought him through in order to help other people process their own journey and find their purpose. 


Andre has been speaking for over 20 years nationwide in churches and schools. He has been working with the school assembly program Value Up for 10 years and has spoken to over a million students. 


When you bring Andre in, you get 100% of him. He desires to add value to not only your people but to you and your team. Give Andre time with your youth team and he will pull from his years of experience and connections to encourage, support and set up your youth ministry for massive success.


Set him up with your staff and he will utilize information from his years in the high end hospitality industry to help your team grow and develop using industry concepts.


Andre is a low maintenance speaker who doesn’t want to be locked away in a green room. He wants to fully engage with you and your people the entire time he is with you.


Andre is an A/G Credentialed Minister, loves his wife, their three kids and coffee. 


Every time we bring Andre in, It's a HUGE win for us! He has a way of getting straight to the point and helping everyone connect with Jesus in a truly remarkable way. If you want to make a big impact and get your people the training they need to hit the next level, Book Andre NOW!

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